You can't throw a stick without hitting some social media expert who'll tell you to develop original content for your blog. 

And then self-distribute - Tweet, post on Facebook & LinkedIn, etc... 

They shout you can do it yourself and for free.


Well they are partly right. 

You do need editorial content for promotional & marketing purposes. 

This is not a new way to market your franchise offering or service. 

We used to call Native Advertising - Advertorials.  


Remember the Amish have been doing this kind of marketing successfully for years in newspapers.


Amish Guy Shaking Hands Advertorial.png


Those crafty Amish with their cool beards and sensational you gotta read headlines. 


Amish Guy Slashes Heat Bills.jpeg

I read their articles or I should say advertorials all the time.

And they wouldn't keep running them if they didn't sell!  Would they?


Here's what franchise sellers and franchise suppliers should do to sell new franchises and get new clients to buy services.

  • Write content and make sure it's interesting. (If you just write buy my stuff articles no one will care or buy.)

  • Run traditional ads to complement your Native Advertising.

  • Use the top Social Networks to target and distribute.

And on LinkedIn Franchise-Info has a paid placement and distribution program for your articles and ads, which just might work for you.



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