The 2014 International Franchise Expo - IFE- is over. 

You walked away with a bunch of leads from people interested in your franchise offering. Terrific!

What's not so terrific is you haven't enough of those interested franchisees to the top of your franchise sales funnel.

You felt good at the close of the IFE -thinking about all the new franchise recruits. People who expressed genuine interest at the show. But, now they seem to have lost that interest.

I know you send them email follow ups that get no response. 

And now August is upon us.

It's summer fun time for most people. Retailers are advertising Back-to-School offers. The little voice in the back of your head is saying just wait till September and people will get back into the business mode.

We both know that little voice is helping you make an excuse. Don't listen to it. Ignore it.

Now is the time get your IFE inquiry list, schedule the calls, and make them.  Every last one of them.

Franchise sellers ask me how many times do I call these people before giving up? Or I don't want to be a pest or be a bother to people.

You're not a bother, you are a resource.

Remember, these are people who took the time and effort to go to a franchise show. A place where franchises are offered for sale. You shook their hands and talked with them  So you keep calling until they say "yes".

Here's what you need to get this done.

Two kinds of scripts.

1. Your voice mail script. Yes voice mail because most of the time you will get voice mail. Either because the person is busy or they screen their calls. That's okay because you are going to use your killer scripts written just for voice mail. Scripts that peak their interest & get them to call you back.

2. Top of your sales funnel script. Your only job here is to get them to commit to the next step and schedule it right then and there. Remember you're not asking them to buy today. But you are finding out if their interest is strong enough to advance through your franchise sales process.

These calls are tedious and tiring.  I know.  But with the right preparation and persistence you'll sell more franchises.

If you don't do it you'll hate yourself in the fall. There won't be enough time for candidates to buy your franchise before year's end.  Start working on calls, now.

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