Be Careful Out There On LinkedIn - Don't Get Banned

Heads up! 

For several years, LinkedIn has made it very easy to submit a discussion post to all the groups you are a member of.

Due to a recent change by LinkedIn, it is now a very bad idea to submit an off-topic or self-promotional post that is not in line with the normal practices and rules of a group.

LinkedIn has not warned users of this change and have left it up to the group owners to tell their membeers.

Now, if the moderator of any group kicks you out of their group because of a post you have submitted, you will marked "Requires moderation" on all groups your are a member of - now and forever.

Since many groups are not moderated -- and therefore not checked -- any posts you submit to those groups will languish unposted for days -- or perhaps forever. 

Not fun, I can assure you.  You will spend many hours and days trying to explain to group owners and moderators that you should be let back in their group.

The key is to watch what is posted on each of your groups -- and post accordingly.