Learn to Improve Your Customer Service Response Time & Beat Your Competition

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Social media is forcing response times to be quicker than ever - consumers expect a lightning quick response when they have a question or concern.

How are companies responding to this demand?

Ann Michaels & Associates set out to find the answer to that question.

A social media response time study was conducted in fourth quarter of 2012 - mystery shoppers were utilized to make inquiries on 30 company social media sites, namely Facebook and Twitter. Inquiries were also made via the company website "contact us" form.

Shoppers tracked response times across all communication channels to gauge response times to determine the speed of response and how companies respond across all channels.

The infographic below depicts the main findings from the study; Ann Michaels & Associates will be hosting a live webinar on February 7th to discuss the details of the study in more detail.

If you'd need to know more about how your business stacks up against the competion,  find out by registering at the Social Media Response Rate Study webinar.


Final-Infographic.pngRegister for the social media response rate study webinar, click here


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