Victoria Ipri

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Victoria offers fully integrated LinkedIn marketing strategies to help clients stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Victoria is the author of the popular For the Clueless ebook series, including Social Media for the Clueless and LinkedIn for the Clueless, aimed at demystifying social media/LinkedIn marketing, using simple language and easy-to-apply guidance.

She has founded and manages four successful LinkedIn groups and recently co-founded Linked In Philly, a live, monthly LinkedIn mastermind group. She is regularly recognized as a LinkedIn Top Influencer.

Victoria has been a sales, marketing and advertising innovator for two decades. She left the corporate healthcare sales environment in 2006 to pursue her own Internet marketing success story, quickly achieving recognition in copywriting, (with the brand, The Confident Copywriter), search engine/conversion rate optimization (SEO/CRO), and social media marketing strategy and services.

Victoria’s current focus on LinkedIn continues to reflect her ambition to help individual business owners and corporations make the most of the world’s largest professional networking platform.

Victoria holds a Masters certificate in Advanced Internet Marketing Strategies from the University of San Francisco and resides in suburban Philadelphia, PA.  Victoria be found on her website, Linked-In-Sanity.

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