DailyVista: When re:group was known as Group 243 it worked with Domino’s Pizza for almost 20 years and played a major role in growing the company’s presence in the delivered pizza industry. Although that relationship ended some time ago, does re:group still draw experience and insight from that relationship when it works with franchise clients today?

Janet Muhleman: Absolutely! We had a wonderful, unique opportunity to help shape every aspect of the Domino’s Pizza experience, from the marketing to the make-lines. We designed their identity, stores, training systems, advertising programs, co-op management systems, store development strategy – we were effectively their marketing and development team. We also learned the importance of having a participative management approach that included the franchisees – and even customers – in the marketing process. We were really good at finding common ground and gaining consensus in an often fractious environment.

It is one of our key strengths today. We understand that engaging and motivating your internal audience is critical for marketing success, particularly if you have a decentralized distribution channel. That is the case whether your business is a franchise, an insurance provider that sells through independent agents, or a health system whose docs and CSRs are responsible for the customer experience. That same approach translates well today to engaging your customers with your brand as well!

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