Video gives companies a fresh and authentic way to reach out to new and existing clients. Substantial data shows that video boosts visitors’ time spent on a site, improves placement in search results, and increases conversion rates.  

Despite these clear benefits, many businesses don’t know how to get started with video: is it expensive? Hard to shoot and edit? It doesn’t have to be that way!

With Pixability, the creation and promotion of marketing videos is easy and affordable.

At Pixability, we cover both ends of the video work flow: production and marketing. Our team is full of highly experienced video producers and editors as well as marketing experts.

We help customers with one or both of these aspects through a variety of packages. Need a video? Let us make it. Already have a video, but need to promote it? Leave it to us.

Don’t even know where to start? We’ll do everything.

Video Production
On the production end, we put together company profiles, product demos, event videos, testimonials, and more.

Most clients shoot their own footage - we can send you a Flip Cam if you need one, and we’ll give you plenty of educational resources to get you started - and we do all the editing, giving you a polished final product.  (Optional add-ons include a professional videographer, motion graphics wrappers, and more.)

We don’t keep our knowledge to ourselves.

We reach out to clients and the public by providing free video-making tutorials at our online resource center, Pixability University, and we host monthly webinars on a wide range of video production and marketing topics.

Video Marketing
It’s a waste of time and money to create videos if no one’s watching. Fortunately, we’re not just a production company. We’re marketers.

We build videos based on data; we know what works well in the social media space. 

Our video marketing software is an easy-to-use video publishing and promotion tool that allows users to upload their videos to YouTube, Facebook, and more in just one click, promote via social media, and track traffic statistics to find out what’s working and what’s not.

We also offer a free Online Video Grader so that marketers can find out how effectively they are leveraging their YouTube channel and video on their website. The Grader identifies strengths and weaknesses in video marketing strategy, providing suggestions for improvement.

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