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What are your franchisees saying about your convention after it's over?

Are they filled with renewed energy? Are they excited by new information and new programs?

Are they motivated to achieve greater results? they say it was irrelevant and a waste of time?

The key to ensuring the positive results and avoiding the negative results is careful upfront planning. I'm not talking about all of the logistics and details that go into a smooth running event which are critical to success but a factual evaluation of what needs to be addressed and achieved at the convention. Laying a solid foundation is the most important first step and at Aranco Productions we call this process The C.I.G.A.R. Audit:


Understanding the Culture of a Franchise company is important in creating a convention that hits all the right notes in messaging while avoiding the missteps that can create dissonance with the franchisees. Is your company's Culture family orientated? Is it a very structured hands-on Culture or is it a more relaxed environment that encourages individuality? Is it bottom line driven or focused on growth? Some companies have a strong faith based Culture and some are committed to serving their local communities. All these factors need to be understood in developing theme, content and programming that is in tune with the Cultural mindset.

Issues can be a more delicate topic to discuss but they have to be faced and addressed. Usually, the key Issues are obvious to the management team - lack of uniformity in the chain, poor customer service ratings, use of advertising funds, inadequate training etc. However, some issues are not as obvious and careful dialog with regional managers and zees who are peer leaders can expose some erupting or festering Issues that should be dealt with prior to or at the convention.

Setting Goals is essential for creating a convention that is on target in its messaging. All content components from PowerPoint, Videos, live presenters, skits and even planned supporting events such as teambuilding should be focused on the delivering or enhancing the communication Goals

To get the most out of your convention, you should list the specific Actions that you want to see the attendees execute after they return home. Whether it's a different approach to customer interaction, new use of social media, executing a price increase or implementing a new merchandising system, they should be well equipped and enthusiastic to get started when they get back to work. Be sure to follow up to make sure these Actions are carried out.

The last checkpoint is to list the desired Results. Be realistic in setting goals and benchmarks that you want your franchisees to achieve. Is it sales growth vs previous year, Increased lead generation, gain in market share or improved customer satisfaction score? Whatever Results you are targeting, be sure they are fair and measurable.

Our experience is that once a C.I.G.A.R. Audit is completed, a clear framework is in place to focus the creative elements that go into a successful meeting production.

It acts as a guideline for ideas and techniques that bring the Wow Factor to the convention.

It also creates a solid relationship between the production company and the Franchise company which keeps all parties focused on making the convention productive, memorable and the best one ever.

Are you ready to light one up?

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