LinkedIn Etiquette -- When is it Required to be Personal

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There are a number of different ways to expand your reach in LinkedIn.

Getting your message out to more people, more people that will act upon your message.

You need a small number of relevant, tightly connected groups of LinkedIn connections.

For example, this social graph shows that I have 3 groups of connections, and some stray connections.

social graph.png

Alice Heiman "I have 66 connection requests in my LinkedIn inbox that I have been ignoring because I don't know them and they did not bother to send a personal note letting me know who they are and why they want to connect.

It's so irritating.

It would be like walking up to someone at a networking event and not telling them your name or giving them your card and expecting them to take the time to figure it out for themselves.

Mario M. Martinez Jr., Viveka von Rosen, Brynne Tillman, Phil Gerbyshak how do you handle all of these requests without spending tons of time researching each person before accepting?"

  1. Larry Levine

    I look at it is you never know the one degree of separation from your best networking opportunity.

    On the flipside it can become an educational moment.

    Does require a bit of research but you never know it may be worth it.

    I hear you though as I have 20.

    Alice Heiman

    Alice Heiman

    1. I agree, it's great to be connected to a wide variety of people. It just takes so much time to research each one and then respond with some things we have in common to start building the relationship.

      I don't want a bunch of connections I have no relationship with.

      It would be so easy if they would just send me a note that said they heard my webinar or read my posts and want to be connected.

      Something to make me know they are interested in a relationship and not just trying to sell me something as soon as I accept.

    2. Alice Heiman

      So true. This I agree with. I guess we can chalk it up to you know what you don't know, etiquette

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