You Don't Need Foursquare if You Get Beamboard

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Ever wish you could get messaging to customers who are in close proximity to one of your locations? Do you like Foursquare, but wish for something a little more personal and interactive? This may be the service you're looking for!

Beamboard is a new service that allows users to connect with friends and businesses in real time.

By simply opting in to a business who uses Beamboard, they can use their mobile devices like a radar to locate one of your locations closest to them.

From there, you can send messaging about any specials that may be going on, current store hours, or similar information.

From a user side, it's free to join and allows the ease of combining all of their connections in one easy place - the board as they refer to it - and makes it easy to connect with friends and favorite companies, no matter where they are.

We had the pleasure of meeting the company owners at the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago last month, and we learned quite a bit about their newest service. It's great for companies of all sizes, and easy to set up and use.

The introductory video provides a short and fun overview of the Beamboard service.


While this is new technology, we saw a positive response from show attendees. It's worth investigating to see if it's something your company can benefit from.

I recommend setting up a free personal account first so you can experience what your customers would before deciding to move forward.

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