Can Facebook Stop the Fake Franchise Brands from Posting?

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Facebook is trying to keep imposter pages from luring people into thinking they're following a business page or even celebrity, when they're really following a fake account.

They announced that they are verifying certain pages, namely a handful of high profile celebrities, journalists, and "big brands."

A page will be considered official if it displays the blue checkmark, as shown below:

facebook brand.png

If you run a business page, should you be concerned with having your page verified? Not really. Facebook states that a page cannot ask to be verified; they are targeting specific pages and authenticating them one by one.

Pages cannot be asked to be verified, though you can report a page that appears to be an imposter if you come across one.

While this may seem like a step in a good direction, I'm not sure it's that big of a deal.

I think we've seen more fake Twitter accounts than we have on Facebook, but it's always good to try to stop imposter pages from popping up.

Facebook is constantly trying to make improvements to the site, with the ultimate goal being to keep users in the social media site as long as possible. They try to make it so that you can do virtually anything you need to without leaving Facebook.

They're a ways off, but we'll see what happens over the next few years.

Speaking of updates Facebook makes, Mashable shared a humorous video depicting how those updates would look in real life - take a look:

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