Would You Use this Facebook Contest For Hiring?

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I've always been a reader - I enjoy reading as much as I can, though as I've gotten older (and busier) I don't find as much time for it anymore. I've tried e-readers, but call me old fashioned - there's nothing like picking up a book!

I also find that as much as I enjoy social media and technological advances, I do need a break once in a while.

I recently found an easy read to get some down time. However, the story line led me right back to social media, and I wondered if someday this fictional storyline would become reality.

In short, the story was about three friends who were trying to make it in the world of magazine publishing. One was an editor for a popular fashion magazine. Her boss told her that she was up for a promotion along with two coworkers. After a meeting, the boss informed the three candidates that they were all highly qualified, and the decision making process would be difficult. Because one of the job specifications included being actively engaged with readers as much as possible, they decided to use a non-traditional approach to selecting the best candidate.

On the company's Facebook page, they created three "spinoff" pages - one for each candidate. They were given a Facebook page and a blog, and were told to "be creative." After a month-long span, the candidate with the most engagement, followers, and "buzz" would be awarded the promotion.

What an interesting idea! It's almost like "The Apprentice" meets "Social Media."

While the concept is very interesting, I'm not sure how well this would play out in the business world.

But, it was definitely interesting to see the three candidates' approach to it and how this fictitious company utilized social media in an out of the box manner.

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Just felt like chiming in here, because I think social has made the hiring world go a little crazy.

Although the story is fictional, I feel it's absolutely unfair to ask employees to compete for a month in the social space in order to land a job or promotion. Sadly, this is the way a lot of companies are going in their desire to avoid making bad hires.

Past work should be enough of a representation of how a social media manager can grow a community and create engaging content. We wouldn't ask a journalist to write a column for free for a month to see whether or not that person could handle a daily reporting beat. Yet we're continuing to ask this of content creators and people who work in the new media space.

If someone asked me to compete for social dominance, I'd just outsource it to ODesk and hope I win....

Does it make a difference, Katherine, to your intuitions if the contest is only for a promotion?

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