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michael.jpgHow much you would pay for a system that consistently, reliably & easily kept you Top-of-Mind with people who could do business with you?

Keep in touch with people that have shown an interest in doing business with you?

Well, Franchise-Info has a neat, practical and easy solution for you, which costs only $500/month.

Can I tell you how easy it is?

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But, first I have to Confess How I Failed Marketing 101 & Now You Don't Have to.

I made a huge mistake years ago, and I am still paying for it. Drat.

I enrolled in a full day negotiation workshop at a prestigious Law School. The participants were professionals, many highly regarded in their industry.

The workshop on Interest-based Negotiation.

There were several small group exercises - including the somewhat controversial "Get as Much as You Can" exercise, designed by the famous attorney/mediator Gerald Williams.

You see, the exercise is controversial because very few do well in it - a bit of a blow to those attending!

Yet, I implemented an elegant and graceful solution to this four person social dilemma game. The solution worked, and our group won. We beat the other groups handily. We had bragging rights. I mean we crushed them.

Nobody, and I mean nobody liked that we had out performed them. Professionals are funny that way.

Now, I am going to tell you how dumb I was.

The head of a trade association was in my group. She was in charge of collective bargaining. For nurses.

She told me how impressed she was with how I handled the group dynamics and our resulting victory. She meant every word.

With complete sincerity, she said: "I want to keep you in mind for our next tough collective bargaining problem."

(Don't ever believe that nurses aren't competitive -she was thrilled that we smoked the doctors!)

In short, she was my perfect prospect.

We connected.

And then ...

But, this is a story about how I lost a sale or referral. Because I was dumb.

After we exchanged business cards, there were a few pleasant emails, but nothing developed.

We both got busy doing other things.

I had been Top-of-Mind with her for a few important minutes.

But I blew it.

When she was facing a novel problem that needed an elegant strategic solution, I was neither Top-of-Mind or even accessible.

I lost an important business opportunity.

I did not nurture the relationship by sending her information that was interesting and valuable to her, on a routine basis.

I failed Marketing 101.

But you don't have to.

Here is Your Simple Solution.

You don't need to fail, like I did.

You plan to update and nurture these prospects with your thinking as it matures.

You plan that she will get notifications on a regular basis.

You intend to remain Top-of-Mind .

But your plan will fail...

Like me, you will get busy - too busy to market -and your newsletter plan will fall into disarray.

You need help.

You need a program - a program which tirelessly puts out relevant content to your prospects when you are too busy to write.

You need a program that selects relevant articles based upon what is popular and relevant in franchising.

You need a program that just works.

You are reading this because you need help keeping in touch with your clients on a regular basis.

If you have been following us on LinkedIn, the you know that Franchise-Info distributes between 40 relevant syndicated stories through LinkedIn/

All about franchising.

You also know that every other week, we pick (3) articles as the Most Fascinating Stories In Franchising, every Friday.

You know that everyone reads the 3 Most Fascinating Stories in Franchising.

But, what you don't know is that we measure on a monthly basis - the most read, the most engaging and the most interesting stories.

Our program will automatically send these articles to your leads -the most read, the most engaged, and the most interesting- with two banner ads from your firm.

You remain Top of Mind.

Simple, easy & frightfully effective.

We do have a marketing program however that maximizes your reputation, builds your social audience, and amplifies reputation, the Franchise Info Keep in Touch program.

But, if you use it, you will have to get used to the fact that it's easy, works better than any other solution, and is completely affordable at $500/month.

If you can live with easy, better, and attractively priced, then the Franchise-Info would love to have you join our Keep in Touch program & remain Top of Mind.

Just push the Keep in Touch payment button and you will be whisked away to the comforts of Paypal.

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