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logo.png120 Day Program LinkedIn Lead Generation Program for Franchisors

What You Get - 3 great Benefits & 2 terrific Bonus Features.

Great for Franchisors looking to recruit franchise owners from LinkedIn.

Franchise-Info gets your brand everywhere on LinkedIn.

1. High Quality LinkedIn Franchise Leads

Get the power of Franchise-Info LinkedIn Marketing and reach better franchise prospects.

2. Own Your Franchise Leads

Get franchise leads that are Ready to Buy. And keep marketing and nurturing your leads who are qualified but Not Ready to Buy yet.

3. Market PR, Franchise Success Articles and White Papers

Get the Franchise-Info LinkedIn Distribution Reach for your brand. And take your franchise investment message straight to LinkedIn Franchise Buyers.

Bonus Feature- Re-market Your Inactive Leads

Get franchise sales from the inactive leads in your inventory. Most haven’t bought anything yet and it makes sense to re-market them.

Bonus Feature -Target Specific LinkedIn Profiles and Geo-Targets

Get the right franchisees in the markets you want them in using LinkedIn Sponsored Updates.

The Program Breakdown -How it Works

1. Investment Grade Franchise Directory Listing

Branded Franchise Directory Page Collecting Exclusive Leads

Exclusive to You & Never sold, rented or retargeted to another Franchise Brand

2. Article Placement Program

From Your Franchise Blog

Distributed and Placed Article Marketing on Franchise-Info and LinkedIn

3. Ad Impression Program

Amplify Your Earned Print, Radio & TV PR Placements into LinkedIn Impressions

Specials & Extras:

Branded Franchise-Info Directory listing clicking thru to your website

Franchisor orientation and set up -Included

Google Analytics Reporting & Review -Included

Review & Recommendations every 3 months -Included

Once you have paid, Franchise-Info will schedule three 30 minute orientation calls with you.

First, we will write up a specialized landing page attracting your leads from LinkedIn.

Second, we will create a list of social assets to use in your campaign.

Third, we will create the campaign schedule with you.

Total $3,828.00 for 120 days, $957.00 monthly or $11,484.00 yearly.

More Than Pays for itself with One New Franchise Sale.

Call Joe Caruso at 443-502-2636

Thumbnail image for 1800.png Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for 7-Eleven-thumb-540x303-1824.png
Aamco-thumb-540x226-1840.png Arby's-thumb-540x334-1842.png
Auntie Anne's-thumb-540x227-1844.png Baskin Robbins-thumb-540x189-1846.png
Between Rounds-thumb-540x331-1848.png Breadsmith-thumb-540x365-1850.png
Burger King-thumb-540x338-1852.png Carl's Jr-thumb-540x283-1854.png
Checkers-thumb-540x195-1856.png Church's Chicken-thumb-540x207-1858.png
Cinnabon-thumb-540x264-1860.png Colormemine-thumb-540x300-1862.png
ComForcare-thumb-540x249-1864.png Comfort Keepers-thumb-540x243-1866.png
Denny's-thumb-540x309-1868.png Dunkin Donuts-thumb-540x247-1870.png
Exress Oil-thumb-540x450-1872.png Fast Fix-thumb-540x357-1874.png
FastSigns-thumb-540x323-1876.png Goddard Systems-thumb-540x370-1878.png
Great Clips-thumb-540x338-1880.png Great Wraps-thumb-540x312-1882.png
Griswold Home Care-thumb-540x293-1886.png IHOP-thumb-540x190-1890.png
Ikor-thumb-540x250-1892.png Jack in the Box-thumb-540x237-1894.png
KFC-thumb-540x336-1896.png Law Doctor-thumb-550x366-1012.png
LearningRX-thumb-540x225-1918.png Mad Dogs-thumb-540x178-1898.png
Maid Brigade-thumb-540x289-1922.png Mathnasium-thumb-540x319-1924.png
Meineke -thumb-540x373-1926.png Midas-thumb-540x471-1928.png
Padgett Business Service-thumb-540x280-1930.png Papa John's-thumb-540x313-1932.png
Papa Murphy's-thumb-540x343-1934.png logo%20%281%29-thumb-230x230-2958.png
Rita's Italian Ice-thumb-540x348-1936.png Schlotzsky’s-thumb-540x380-1938.png
Sonic -thumb-540x243-1940.png The Green Turtle-thumb-540x389-1884.png
The Little Gym-thumb-540x349-1920.png The Maids-thumb-540x342-1946.png
Togo's-thumb-540x420-1944.png Wendy's-thumb-540x376-1948.png
Wild birds Unlimited-thumb-540x489-1950.png Wingzone-thumb-540x437-1952.png

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