How You can Develop Business using Your Legal Skills

michael.jpgAs a Franchise attorney, you consult with small businesses to help them franchise their business. You may advocate on behalf of large multi-units, associations or individuals.

Or, you may draft disclosure documents, advise on transactions and create value for franchisors.

You do these things well, and you enjoy your craft.

So why do people pick that "other attorney", sometimes not even a franchise attorney, over you?

Why are those "other attorneys" and their firms so popular with clients? Your craftsmanship is just as good, and sometimes even better than those firms.

So what are they doing that you aren't? Why aren't you more popular? You deserve it.

Well, maybe that other attorney was recommended. Or, maybe that "other attorney" met the client at some social networking function you don't attend.

Or, maybe, just maybe, that other attorney's clients appreciate the regular and useful information that they have been getting.

That other attorney has been sending them useful information using the Franchise-Info distribution platform. And it is working for that other attorney.

That other attorney's clients enjoy being paid attention to.

Why aren't you doing that? Why aren't your clients deserving of more attention?

(Also, that other attorney knows a secret: the Franchise-Info platform is a bargain for helping them establish rapport with future clients for as little as $80.00 a month. Why don't you act upon that offer, right now?)

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There only three reasons you aren't establishing rapport. It costs time, money and it is hard to follow up.

But, nurturing leads and creating rapport really isn't hard - after all, all those other firms are doing it. You just need the right system. Franchise-Info has the right solution for you. It just plain works. It matches readers with attorneys to create interested audiences. It is simple, elegant and graceful.

I know, you are focussed on those three big barriers: time, money and follow-up. You see these barriers because you are a professional, and are required to be skeptical. Like me, skepticism may be buried in your very nature.

But, take some time with me and let's review your objections together - to see what is really behind them. Find a solution together.

1. You Don't Have the Time

First, you are very busy with your legal practice or resting up after being very busy! The legal business cycle makes it hard to find the time to market on a consistent basis.

Once you miss a publishing date for your monthly law firm newsletter, the unravelling begins. Soon, no articles are going out consistently.

Finally, the whole newsletter idea is scrapped, only to be revived some months later. In franchising, we call this "churning". Something to be avoided.

2. You Don't Have Budget

Second, you may not know what value of a new client is, and are unclear what a new referral is worth. This makes it hard to budget sensibly.

So you overpay for nice looking websites, while listening to promises of "optimized traffic for targeted keywords."

That is not marketing, either. You are simply overpaying for something you don't understand.

3. You Don't Like "Selling"

Third, sales is a different process from law. Most of the time in sales, you will hear "maybe, but not now." Marketing means you need to follow up on those maybes. It generally takes about 8 to 10 follow-ups, not 1 or 2, for a complex product like legal services.

Those follow-ups need to span 2 years, according to industry experts.

That is a lot of consistency to ask for from a busy professional, like yourself.

In sum, you see three tough problems: find the time, spend the right amount of money, and how to follow-up consistently.

But, here is the good news.

Your Stories - Our Audience & Distribution

Lawyers are good, and some are excellent, at distilling stories from complex fact patterns. Stories attract people's interest. And the internet is a storyteller's paradise.

All you need is a system to turn the attention your stories deserve into referrals, and that is where the Franchise-Info platform comes in.

The Franchise-Info distribution platform matches up author's stories with interested readers on LinkedIn.

As you roam the internet, you find interesting examples of franchising which you likely make notes on. You are an attorney, you write notes about everything. That is how you got through law school and the grind of being an associate.

You are a super note taker- let's make that work for you.

The Franchise-Info distribution platform allows you to publish those ideas with ease of with a click of a button on your browser toolbar. Like the Amazon one-click button.

Click, write, and get readers - who may become clients

If your published notes attracts a critical mass, then you have an interested audience. You meet your audience at your local Metro Franchise Association, which holds meetings 6 times a year.

We take those popular pieces and then distribute them to our LinkedIn audience to over 12,000 first connections in the franchise industry, to gain more readers for you. They share them, and you get more readers.

Soon, you are deservedly popular - for $80.00 a month, and a couple hours a month taking notes.

But it doesn't stop there.

Remember your clients who wanted more attention from you? Well, we have solution for them, also.

With our distribution platform, you never miss a deadline because there aren't any deadlines for you -only for us.

We deliver out informative and useful articles from all types of authors weekly. When you are ready, we will add yours to the mix.

(Too busy to read further, then jump straight to our pitch for you.)

1. How to Find What to Write about.

Remember, you aren't writing for a legal journal. You are simply committing to paper the words you use every day when speaking with a new client describing what their problem is and how you can help. A problem you already saw and made notes on.

You do this all the time with new clients. So, publish these notes. Take your time.

You don't need, at first, to get a full article from your notes any more than once a quarter. But as you get better, your audience will want more. We can handle that too.

2. How to Budget for Client Development

1. How much is a good new client worth? You don't have to be dead on precise. Is a new client worth more than $15,000, $10,000 or even $100,000? Are they worth more than $1,000.00/month? Or even $80.00/month?

2. How much money will you invest to get a new client? How much did you spend last year in print advertising, SEO, PPC, or other marketing activities such as conferences and conventions? How much of that advertising budget can you put towards client development budget, 2%, 5%, or 7.5%?

3. How long are you prepared to wait for the client development process to work? Can you keep at it for 18 months, 24 months? Or can you keep writing and revising your stories for a lifetime? How long have you been taking notes?

3. How to Measure the Interest in Your Legal Stories

A legal story is easy. You are putting down on paper the words you use every day when speaking with a new client when you describe what their legal problem is and how you can help. You are so used to this process, you don't think of it as a story. But every time you talk with a client, explaining how the law will see their situation, you are storytelling. Write those stories down. It is not hard.

Here are the 3 simple steps the Franchise Info uses to measure interest in your stories.

You write a story, we distribute it to our members, currently over 22,000 in the franchise industry.

1. Help you measure your audience, based on the click throughs. You need market intelligence. But, we also provide you with some backlinking strategies and suggestions based on these measures.

2. Franchise Info measures click throughs tell us who is listening. Improve your marketing content, based on what the we know about the individuals who read the article and their franchising problems. So, the next article can be tailored to a more specific audience.

3. Repeat the process, once a quarter, providing you with objective analytics and 45 minutes to an hour of feedback on your audience, if you need it.

How do you know it works?

People say that they liked your blog or newsletter when you meet them. The connect with you & some of them become clients.

Let's Get Started Now - You Deserve to be More Popular & Your Clients Need More Attention

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