When Can A Franchisee Continue to Operate if the Franchisor is in Bankruptcy? - Franchise Law, Disputes and Compliance.

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When Can A Franchisee Continue United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, Decision of 9 July 2012, No. 11-3920, Sunbeam Products, Inc. v. Chicago AM. MFG. LLC, and United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit,......

10 Essential Social Media Tips for Local Franchise Businesses - Marketing

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Local franchise businesses need to set up local online marketing even if they do not have a website....

What Tools do Franchise Owners Need to Succeed with Local Marketing? - Operations

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As I speak with franchisors, multi-unit decision franchisees and their marketing teams. I am hearing some very common themes from some of the top franchises in the nation and even new and upcoming ones. If you are reading this......

Stand Out at Your Next Franchise Convention - My Association Resources

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I don't know what a petaflop is, but I do know it's bigger than a teraflop. How did I arrive at this limited amount of geeky wisdom? Well, it's not because I'm smart. It's because I gleaned that factoid......

Oh Jared. - News

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Well here's a nightmare no one in business wants to face! But it happens. As a veteran PR woman of 32 years, I can promise you incidents like this happen. And suddenly and without any warning you find out someone......

6 Simple and Useful Customer Service Lessons - Operations

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The other night I had dinner at a favorite restaurant. Unfortunately, a bad customer service experience tainted the evening. The good news is that this event created a learning opportunity. By the way, you don't have to be in the......

Can Customers Get "Cash Back" on Your Gift Cards? - Marketing

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As gift cards continue to rise in popularity among consumers, the regulations and laws that companies must follow in issuing and accepting them continue to increase as well. Beyond the extensive requirements of the new federal gift card law......

How to use Social Media Tools in Teaching - Marketing

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Traditionally, teachers spend class time lecturing and then assigning homework to be turned in the following day. This teacher does it quite the opposite...

What is Open-Book Management? - Operations

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Some people say it's lonely at the top. Well it doesn't have to be! In today's post I'll introduce you to a powerful way of getting your employees involved in the business. It's called Open-Book Management and it has two......

Unit Economics and New Ideas in Raising Capital - Capital Area Franchise Association

Save the date - September 15th. For our next meeting, we will be talking about new improvements in unit economics and how that effects the franchisor's ability to attract new capital. Warren Lee Lewis, Moderator Time: Tuesday, September 15th......

When Can Franchisors' Profit from Franchisees? - Franchise Law, Disputes and Compliance.

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The Franchisees claimed that the Franchisor had improperly earned a profit from the additional fees that it charged to Franchisees, and that this was a breach of the franchise agreement and contrary to the statutory and common law duties of good faith and fair dealing....

When A Franchisor Damages the Brand - Should the Franchise Operators Be Able to Sue? - Franchise Law, Disputes and Compliance.

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Sometimes business owners want to exercise their First Amendment right and publicly express their religious beliefs. While this is admirable in a free society, it has potential to be costly to franchisees who are directly affected by the perception......

When Should You Provide an Exclusive Territory to a Franchisee? - Franchise Law, Disputes and Compliance.

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I was given a recent dilemma from a new franchisor whose management could not agree on whether or not to provide exclusive territories. I provided this analysis: Generally when you have a product or service that the franchisee's customers......

Why Celebrity Speakers Fail at Franchise Conventions - My Association Resources

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Personally, I have a big aversion to recommending most celebrity speakers for any franchise convention. I think that there are very few 'celebrity status' presenters out there who get that they are being paid to actually connect with and......

How to Negotiate Your Exclusive Use Clauses - Operations

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7th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Richard Posner has written an essay in the New Republic "discussing" Justice Scalia's recent book (co-authored with Bryan Garner), "Reading Law: The Interpretation of Legal Texts." In Judge Posner's essay, he reminded us......

How Not to Negotiate with the Chinese Franchisor - Franchise Law, Disputes and Compliance.

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1. Western negotiating tactics can have unforeseen - and unfortunate - results when employed with Chinese counterparties. China's macro-economy is certainly slowing, but the frequency of Chinese-Western negotiation has been on the upswing as more and more Mainlanders with Money......

How Much Can I Make with an Wild Birds Unlimited Franchise? - News

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Franchisors who provide Item 19 (Financial Performance Representations) in the FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document) show earnings claims that can be backed up by actual results of their franchisees; therefore, you can know what to expect when starting your business.......

Innovations in Small Business Financing: Factoring - Operations

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Small business today generally refers to businesses generating under $3 million in annual sales. That's not so small to most people. And big business was small business at one time. The challenge is "how do you get there from......

5 Common Employee Handbook Errors That You Can Easily Avoid - Operations

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Your employee handbook is an important tool for managing the relationship between you, as the employer, and your employees. It helps your employees understand your expectations for them and answers important questions about benefits like vacation, sick time and......

Why Franchising is Well Suited for Crowdfunding - Operations

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Last April 5, 2012, President Obama signed into law the "Jumpstart Our Business Startups" Act (the JOBS Act) The intended purpose of the JOBS Act is to spur job creation by small companies and start-ups by relaxing the regulatory burdens......


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