What Strategy are You Going to Use at Your Next Tradeshow? - Marketing

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There are two basic Trade Show strategies: Gather or Filter. If your primary objective is increasing brand recognition, getting the word out about a new product, or attracting the majority of the show's attendees, you probably want to gather.......

The Easier Way to Deal with Online Criticism - Operations

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Due to convenience, the opportunity to receive a direct response and the potential to kick up a fuss when not treated as they expect, customers are turning to social media for customer service and other product and service-related support......

Are You Paying Attention to Your Success? - Marketing

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A Fish Story When I was much younger, my grandfather used to take my younger brother and me fishing. Fishing on one of the lakes in the interior of B.C. We would get up at 5:00 am to help......

How Much Does It Really Cost to Own a 101 Mobility Franchise? - News

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I overheard an interesting conversation about Item 7s, how much it costs to buy a franchise, and the estimated working capital required. A lawyer explained that "it was a rule that only 3 months of working capital should be......

See How Easy it is to Start Content Marketing for Franchise Leads - Marketing

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It's no secret that a great sales team has a significant impact on the number of franchisee leads your company produces, but a strategic franchise public relations plan can also play a vital role in lead generation. When done......

How to Lead & Have More People Like You - Operations

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Do you ever wonder how and why some folks are successful, natural born leaders and some aren't? How some folks learn to deal with the ups and downs of life & find ways to make things better while others......

Franchise Fees that are Too Low & 2 Other Mistakes that Almost All Bad Franchisors Make - Operations

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I used to believe that franchisees and other business owners failed because they were under-capitalized, but I believe that's a myth. Someone somewhere many years ago said that the main reason for business failure was under-capitalization and everyone picked......

You Don't Need Better Web Portal Leads or a Fancy CRM to Sell More Franchises - Operations

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The quality of franchise sales has decreased over the last twenty years. And I know some of the reasons why & what can be done to reverse the trend. First, we have to remember that there is no specialized......

Thousands Now Market Locally Who Never Thought They Could - Marketing

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Franchises have the best of both worlds: they can combine local and national marketing strategies to spur growth. The franchisor will create the overall marketing plan and blanket customers at a national level, while each individual franchisee will take......

How the IFA intends to Win Friends & Influence Politicians - Legal

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2014 was a challenging year for franchising. While franchising growth was strong (with growth through franchising outpacing growth in the economy overall), new labor-driven attacks targeted the franchise model with a vigor and force unseen in the long history......

PizzaRev Signs Franchise Agreements for Sacramento and Riverside County, CA | RestaurantNews.com - Restaurant Funding Group

http://www.restaurantnews.com/pizzarev-signs-franchise-agreements-for-sacramento-and-riverside-county-ca/ Harvind and Bob Uppal inked the deal to develop PizzaRev throughout the Sacramento, CA market. The group currently owns and operates 38 restaurants across the San Francisco Bay area, including Burger King, Taco Bell, Wingstop and Corner Bakery.......

How Franchises Can Win at Local Marketing - Capital Area Franchise Association

Franchises, at their core, are simply businesses. While many franchise activities can seem confusing because they are split between franchisors and franchisees, franchise marketing should be a united effort with a goal of driving positive business growth. Not only......

You Don't Have to Spend a Ton of Time & Money to Get a Website that Just Works - Marketing

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Recently a potential client asked "How much for your company to re-do my website?" A question so simple carried with it such ambiguity. Before determining the answer we had to know specifics. Starting with history, we asked when was......

All You Need to Know About Boosting Traffic to Your Local Franchise Website - Marketing

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Boosting website traffic is essential for local businesses: all the visitors to your website are potential customers. However, actually driving traffic and increasing visitors to your site is a challenge - especially for businesses with new websites. Many businesses......

The Lazy Man's Way to Find New Leads - Operations

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Remember - "Bring out Your Dead? Well, you might be killing your leads too early, too. In the early 1990s, I was in charge of US development for a top QSR franchise. At that time we relied on targeted......

The Secret to Being in the Right LinkedIn Group - Marketing

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Networking can be awfully tedious. Especially if you are in the wrong group. Networking on LinkedIn can be just as dull - you have to pick the right LinkedIn group to join. How do you pick the right group?......

Do You Recognize the Dangers these 2 Tech Changes Bring? - Operations

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With today's announcement that Google Wallet would be preinstalled in Verizon Wireless, AT&T and T-Mobile USA, it is worthwhile to review this and other changes from the franchise owners' point of view. My Business Model is Obsolete, in the......

Why Invest in Social Media? - Marketing

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There seems to be a general lack of understanding around why social media is important and how it actually generates a return that leads to business growth. Businesses seem to "do social media" because they are supposed to without......

What is the New PR? - Marketing

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New Business. We just love it. It's the cause for much excitement in any marketing or PR firm, ad agency, law office. Pretty much everyone likes to win new business. But after 30 years as a franchise PR specialist,......

A Great Way to Get Reduced Rent as a Commercial Tenant - Operations

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There exists a golden opportunity for tenants - large and small - to save potentially tens of thousands of dollars every year at their leased properties - one they don't even have to squeeze out of their landlord! And......

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