9 Ways You Can Conduct More Effective Performance Reviews - Operations

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Keeping a business running requires a lot of moving pieces. Good management, employee satisfaction, effective marketing, high sales, and client satisfaction are just a few of those pieces. Juggling it all takes a lot of work, and that is......

3 Basic Uses for QR Codes For Franchise Owners - Marketing

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Using QR Codes for the Local Franchise Business Two years ago, there was lot of buzz about Taco Bell's QR Code promotion with MTV. This is often pointed out as a great example of a fast food or franchise......

Why Some Franchisors Almost Always Have Home Court Advantage - Legal

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One of the most common provisions in franchise agreements is the "forum-selection" clause. Under these provisions, the parties agree that any lawsuit filed by either one of the parties will be brought only in a court in a specified......

How to Avoid Paying Capital Gains When Selling Your Franchised Business - Operations

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If you are selling your franchise, then you probably are subject to capital gains taxes. As a general rule, the sale of property subjects the seller to capital gains taxes. However, exception to this general rule may apply if......

Help Recycle the Easy Way - Use Fibre from Recycled Plastic - Operations

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We have a problem. Waste. Plastic waste and a lot of it. But you can help. The average US/Canadian home produces over 45 pounds of plastic waste per year, PET. And, technology can turn eighteen 12 ounce bottles, fourteen......

Amazon Has Turned You the Customer Into an Unpaid Salesperson - Marketing

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Most companies know that product reviews can make or break a sale, and that customers have come to rely on word of mouth reviews, feedback, and opinions when making purchasing decisions. Amazon has taken this a step further and......

How Do You Rank on Social Media Test? - Marketing

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Sometimes the truth is that franchisors do not actually know what their online presence looks like. They may or may not be aware of what franchisees are doing online. They may or may not have a good picture of......

How Much Can I Make with a Chem Dry Franchise? - Operations

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Here is an email I recently received. Note that I live in Maryland, USA and not Ontario, Canada. Chem-Dry, the world's largest and highest rated carpet and upholstery cleaning franchise system with 3,500 units in 35 countries, has recently......

Do You Know the Wrong Way to Sell Your Value Proposition? - Marketing

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I was talking to a friend of mine who's in sales, and he was frustrated. He shared with me that he continues to see the same pattern. He talks to a client, and he leaves them interested, but in......

How Franchisees can get Money From their Government - Operations

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Since the inception of the WOTC program in the late nineties, lawmakers have remolded the framework and refocused objectives to encompass a greater target audience but because the program as a whole is still underutilized, several misconceptions remain. The......

3 Ways to Calculate Franchise Territory Values or Market Share - Operations

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Market share is your piece of the pie. It is important to investment banks, your partner, your sales team and your growth. But what is that pie and how do you calculate your slice? Although market share is likely the......

How Franchises Can Manage the Shift to Digital Marketing - Marketing

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No matter what products/services your business offers, having an online marketing strategy to engage your target audience is essential to your success. While many franchises still use outdoor billboards, print and TV ads for national branding purposes, there has......

How to Create Reasonable Franchise Fees - 4 Tips - Operations

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What was in the air yesterday? Two people called to discuss converting their business to the franchise model (which, considering my business, is not unusual) and both wanted to offer very low franchise fees. That's discouraging because I don't......

How Private Equity Should Evaluate Franchise Systems - Operations

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Some franchisors are "pure play" restaurant, Dunkin Brands (DNKN), Burger King (BKW), and DineEquity (DIN). Sonic Drive In (SONC) and Domino's (DPZ), because they have more than 90% franchised units. Each of these has moved towards or has always......

The Myth of the Franchise Success Rate -Where Did it Come From? - News

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I hear franchise salespeople say, and read franchisor source printed material that says, that franchising provides a 90% success rate after three years in business! I have been lecturing on the subject and will share my observations about investment......

How To Use the "Big Mac" Provision Correctly - Legal

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A couple of years ago, there was this fun little commercial from Domino's Pizza, which features a new product called "Bread Bites." From the commercial, we learn that Bread Bites were created by a Domino's Pizza franchisee in Findlay, Ohio......

How to Develop Your Content Marketing Strategy - Marketing

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Considering that "Content is King" on the web, it's important to gauge how wide of a net is being cast through your Content Marketing efforts. Is the content you are distributing of interest to the rest of the world?......

How We tell Our Client's Stories - Marketing

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At the Face 2 Face conference put on by Progress Media in 2013, we were challenged to consider our stories, refine them and learn to share them as part of our business growth strategy. Story is a huge component......

New Way to Nurture Leads is the Future of Franchise Sales - Capital Area Franchise Association

Franchisors are getting inquiries from people much earlier in their buying journey. These people are not ready to buy, yet. Although they might be qualified to do so. How do you maintain their interest in your brand? How do......

How to Get More From Your Checklists - Operations

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Here's part two of the Moneyball blog. Part one was posted on Monday, click here to read part one if you haven't already. SMART Pre-Shift Inspection Protocol™ is a checklist system, not unlike the pre-flight checklists that pilots run through......

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