See How Easily You can be an Authority -Use this Tried and True Method & LinkedIn - Marketing

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LinkedIn is widely known as the professional social network. So, it would make sense for people to assume that it is largely for B2B companies. While it is true that LinkedIn is one of the most beneficial social networks when......

The Savvy Franchise Buyer Secrets for Investment Success - Franchise Info Consulting

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Smart and savvy franchise buyers almost always ask for your Franchise Disclosure Document - FDD at the outset when they contact their target franchisors. Or they get the FDD from another source before inquiring directly to a franchisor. There are......

How Your Franchisees Can Use Radio Effectively for the Grand Opening - Operations

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Sponsoring morning or afternoon traffic updates on local radio stations can be a great way to reinforce your grand opening message. If you have ever listened to radio on your way to or from work, you're already aware of......

Why Just Selling Great Pizza will Make You Go Broke - Operations

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When you start your own independent (non-franchised) business, your mistakes will be more costly than you imagined. In fact, your mistakes will probably put you out of business. I'm not writing this to scare you away from starting a......

How Does Your Brand Score on this Quick Social Media Test? - Marketing

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As a franchisor, of course you want to have a brand that is well-recognized and well-respected in the marketplace. Sometimes, however, things are going on behind the scenes that you may not even know about...and they may be causing your......

Dragnet Approach to More Franchise Sales & 5 Do's and Don'ts - Operations

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Franchisors need to have financial standards for their franchise candidates. In fact they are a 'must have' in your franchising sales and recruitment process. And your franchise candidate financial requirements for net worth and liquid capital (cash or cash......

10 Ways to Get Terrific Franchise Owners for Your Brand - Operations

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Steve Jobs often said that making things simple is hard. The same can be said of training. Training franchisees or their employees is simple, but it takes a lot of hard work to make it that way. Here are ten......

How Can You Use Yelp Effectively & Easily? Two Quick Tips - Marketing

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The first step to having an optimized Yelp profile is to claim your Yelp listing. Once it's been claimed, be sure to use accurate categories for your business. Below are some suggestions on how to set up your profile......

Great Tip for Checking Quality of Support from Your Franchisor - News

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Evaluating a franchise opportunity today can be a difficult task. With all of the different rankings, ads, and other franchise claims, identifying the right opportunity requires careful study of the FDD as well as talking with current franchisees. Some......

Keeping Your Franchise Brand Alive - Marketing

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Connecting potential customers with your brand is key to driving the success of your business. Humanizing a brand can establish trust and create commonality between a business entity and its customers. So how can you be relatable as a......

How to Get Compliance from Your Franchise Owners -Without a Lawsuit - Legal

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Lawsuits and arbitrations often sort out disputes in their legal sense. They rarely sort out disputes in a satisfactory personal, business or financial sense. Anyone familiar with the litigation and arbitration process can tell you about how unsatisfactory the result......

Who Are You Forgetting to Thank? - Operations

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Everyone's busy, stressed out and short of time. Are we forgetting some people? We usually remember to thank our customers. And we probably don't have any trouble thanking family. However, there is a group of folks that are often left......

You Don't Have to Drop Your Price To People Who say "We Cannot Afford You" - Operations

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Everyone in sales hears, at one time or another: "We cannot afford your proposal." Sometimes you just have to listen more, as this story shows: But, sometimes people are objecting to your price. This is at least (2) different......

How Hanging out With Google Saved My Kitchen - Marketing

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A tale of a man, a woman, their plumbing, two countries and Google. by Frances Leary I'll be the first to admit that dishing out Google compliments is not something I endeavor to do on a regular basis. In fact,......

How does Neuroscience Explain Franchise Success? - News

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Nowadays in almost every mainstream magazine there is an article about the brain. The newfound popularity of neuroscience is helping us learn and explain how and why we do the things we do. New brain paradigms are transforming the way......

Death of a Franchise Salesman - Operations

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Arthur Miller's character Willy Loman is the tragic protagonist in the 1949 play "Death of a Salesman". Miller's play is an enduring story about an aging and now mediocre salesman who has lost his enthusiasm for selling. Willy is in......

It is Always the Little Things that Trip You Up - Operations

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Gaps in Your Defences Remember the story of the little Dutch boy who saved Holland by putting his finger in the Dyke? What started as trickle could have been a disaster. But, who goes around looking for holes in the......

How to Get Your Name Out There with PR - Marketing

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Any great business idea is just that without proper execution. If word fails to spread, idle progression, slow growth, and reversion can plague any business model, including franchises. Implementing a company's vision requires a certain flare that tends to ignore......

What Your HR Staff isn't Documenting is Costing You Money - Operations

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Document, document, document! It's the mantra of the human resources profession. Create timely and thorough documentation for all employment decisions. On the other hand, supervisors and managers often view documenting as a chore they simply don't have time for.......

What's New In Franchise Purchase Due Diligence? - Legal

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Within the next 15 years we will see dramatic changes in the franchising business. Today the business is saturated with "me too" so-called concepts that lack adequate business model legs to survive even at marginal profitability through the lifespan of......

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Recent Comments

John -

I have heard franchise salespeople at IFA roundtables and break out sessions say to the assemblage that -

'I won't even talk to a prospect if they haven't filled out an application'

'If the lead can't complete an application they really aren't that interested'

And they crowd praised the VP of Franchising with grand applause for having 'high standards' and for not getting pushed around by people he thought were time-wasters.

I am amazed at how often the franchisor's training doesn't match the real needs of the franchisee . . . and unless the franchisor understands the skills of the franchisee, and the franchisee's learning style, most of the training is for naught.

This is valuable info, Joe. It's important to think like a prospective franchisee. I talk to these folks all the time and much of what many franchisors do just turns them off -- and unfortunately, unnecessarily.

Franchisors would be well served by remembering "different strokes for different folks". I always think in terms of DISC personalities -- and the S and C personalities are NOT going to complete most franchise "applications" or "requests for information" because they are intimidating. Not everyone sees that application the same way.

This is an area where franchisors can easily pick up more sales -- they turn away sales because they put up these unnecessary roadblocks that get in the way of certain prospects -- and create fear.

Of course it's also important to know IF the S and C personalities make top-producing franchisees. If not, then forget what I said!

You might have a social media policy.

But you need to see how well you are doing so take this quick test and find out.

Pete Lindsey at Sport Clips Haircuts gets this right.

The most reliable information on a particular franchise is their Franchise Disclosure Document - FDD. That's a franchise buyers research starting point not a Google search.

All franchisors need to read this article. It is so important to have a process in place to make sure your franchisees are compliant with insurance requirements, and that they have named the franchisor as "Additional Insured". If you are a franchisor, and you need help in this area, give me a call - (866) 315-2365

Sometimes franchise owners think that their story is boring.

I think that it may be because it's seems too familiar to them.

I love these stories.

Not just because they are great PR but it makes franchising personal and about real people.

Thanks Joe--we have lots of smart, interesting franchisees and when they don't mind sharing their stories I am all about it!!

Excellent story Rhonda and very well written.

Liked it very much.

Nancy I've seen you perform and educate.

And you are quick on your feet!