LinkedIn's New Group Rules: How Do the Changes Affect You? - Marketing

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LinkedIn will be changing the structure of groups in the next coming weeks. (For the entire list of changes, please download the pdf: "New Group Features") This article will help you understand some of the changes that we will......

When Are Your Franchisees Disguised Employees? - Franchise Law, Disputes and Compliance.

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If you follow my blog, you know that one of the issues I've been writing about for a couple of years now is the problem that certain franchisors have faced in being deemed "employers" of their franchisees. The most......

Selling The American Franchise Brand to Foreigners - News

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Whenever there is turmoil in the world, the most capable people look for someplace else to go where they and their families and their assets can be protected and nurtured. Historically, the United States is always high on everyone's......

How to Find Time for Social & Be More Productive - Marketing

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Remember the last time you sat for an hour, drinking a hot latte, in one of the few coveted armchairs at the local cafe, scanning your friends' updates on Facebook, liking pictures on Instagram, and debating with Twitter regulars......

How Did this Clever Franchisee Beat the Franchisor's Non-Compete? - Franchise Law, Disputes and Compliance.

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The answer is 'yes' in at least one case. The case is Allegra Network, LLC v. In re Michael G. Ruth. Michael G. Ruth and Elnoria J. Ruth, collectively the "Ruths" entered into a franchise agreement initially in 1984.......

3 Quick Tips about How Franchisors Can Get More from their Technology Partners - Operations

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As technology quickly advances, there's sure to be at least one critical new platform that you'll be introducing to your organization. You will move into that new technology with either a technology vendor, or a partner. The selection of......

How to Get Your Franchise Candidate to Truthfully Reveal their Net Worth - Operations

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How to Qualify the Capital Intensive Candidate Back in the 1990's, when "inbound marketing" was once again in fashion, I was working development for a large QSR brand. Our prospective franchisees or candidates -we never referred to them as......

Are You Next the KFC? - News

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KFC pioneered conversion franchising. Pete Harman was the first KFC franchisee. He converted his independent restaurant to a KFC. But, think before you convert your existing business to a franchise. If you have an existing business, you may discover opportunities......

So, What do You Do? - Marketing

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"Elevator speeches" are a vital part of the marketing mix for all business owners. There are three components to a solid elevator speech -- the explanation, the value and the call to action. The elevator speech in the following......

Does Flattery Still Work? - Marketing

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Mr. Edward Domain, CEO of once wrote jokingly that 'Flattery gets you everywhere these days!' Certainly, flattery is used indiscriminately and intentionally, that I can't deny. Yet, I've found there is significant marketing power in persuasion, sans manipulation! (FYI:......

Are You Making This Mistake with Your Free Content Marketing Strategy? - Marketing

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Professionals don't endorse consumer products. For a variety of good reasons. But, some professionals -including attorneys who really ought to know better- find themselves inadvertently being pitchmen. Because they are using "free" content marketing strategies. Is this the picture......

Do You Make This Mistake in Marketing Conversations? - Franchise Law, Disputes and Compliance.

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I'm all for getting your company's name in front of as many people as possible - after all, isn't that part of the goal of engaging in social media? However, there's one thing I continue to see over and......

Are You Training Your Good Customers to Buy From Someone Else? - Operations

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Why You Have Bad Customers Bad customers are everywhere. Showing up with coupons, but no cash. Wanting written estimates so they can price shop elsewhere. Bad customers make "frugal" a four letter word. Even loyal and good customers are......

Are You a Bad Franchisor? - Franchise Law, Disputes and Compliance.

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The best evidence that franchisors are really human beings is that they do the same things that any normal person does when confronted with a panic-inducing situation. The first response -- which hopefully, but not always, occurs in private......

5 Features Your Franchise Digital Marketing Platform Needs - Marketing

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Franchise organizations face many challenges in the digital age. Chief among them is how to effectively market their national brand at a local and hyper-local level. And, selecting a tool to power that evolving digital strategy is no easy......

Is Your Website Selling Franchises? - Marketing

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As a franchisor working to expand your brand, you want to take advantage of every tool available to generate qualified leads, but have you incorporated blogging into your franchise development strategy? I joined the roundtable discussion on "How to......

How You Can Stop Making those Bad Decisions - Franchise Law, Disputes and Compliance.

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The job of a leader is to make good decisions, particularly when the economy is soft, as it is at the moment. In the franchise relationship the franchisor is the leader. While this tip is especially dedicated to senior......

The Secret to a Happy Hourly Frontline Team - Operations

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Kyle, age 21, handles the scheduling, appointments, estimates, and all payment transactions for the auto service center near my office. On a weekday morning at 8:16, I call to inquire about getting my vehicle in for shocks and an alignment.......

Are Your People Making These Mistakes Using Live Chat with Your Brand's Customers? - Operations

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Yes, our Telephone Doctor customer service and communication training covers this as well. This subject gets covered a lot; however, we want to reiterate some key points on both email and live chat. Points that will make life easier......

See How Easily You Can Have Your Website Look Sharp on a Smartphone - Operations

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Amidst all the mobile marketing hype over the past few years, many franchisors and franchisees are still struggling with the basic challenge of whether or not to have mobile optimized local websites, and how to get started. Are mobile websites......


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