How to Accomplish Important Goals - Operations

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Setting Goals is important understanding the why behind your goals is critical. Learn 3 steps that will almost guarantee you the results you desire. It is something of a cultural phenomenon for everyone to focus on future goals and......

How to Create Buyer Personas - Marketing

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You may already know who your "audience" is, but do you have buyer personas? Buyer personas provide insight into a particular audience so that you can focus your marketing efforts. By understanding the importance of buyer personas and how......

What's New in Franchise Lead Generation? - Operations

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Franchisors want more ready-to-buy franchise leads. It's the "prime directive" and goal of franchise sales departments across franchising to generate ready-to-buy leads. Problem is this goal too often misses the mark and the lead sources generate unqualified leads that......

How to Get Service from an Auto Repair Dealer - Operations

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Auto repair dealers are held to a higher standard than doctors. And it effects customer service. Make an appointment with your doctor for 10am. Show up, wait until 10:30 to be seen by a nurse. 10 minutes with her,......

5 Reason Why Franchisees Need to Talk to Wall Street - Operations

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Franchisees who invest in publicly held companies should have a line of communications with the investors in their system that is uninterrupted by corporate management. After forty years of successful growth the McDonald's restaurant system hit some potholes in......

3 Ways to Win Your Next Trade Show - My Association Resources

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I can't count the number of times I've walked the aisles at trade shows, only to happen upon companies that have brought seemingly every item in their inventory to display in their exhibits. They've pinned products on walls, scattered......

How to Form Effective Franchise Trade Associations - Franchise Law, Disputes and Compliance.

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Through effective trade associations and lobbying efforts, during the last century automobile dealer franchises in the United States convinced state governments to give them significant protection against commercial abuse or unfair dealing by the manufacturer or supplier franchisors. Franchisees in......

When Does Mandating a POS System imply Franchisor Vicarious Liability? - Franchise Law, Disputes and Compliance.

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Vicarious Liability in General Nearly every franchisor has suffered threats of litigation based upon the actions of its franchisees. These threats are not necessarily limited to claims stemming from the franchisees' delivery of services (from mold remediation to serving......

How is Your Sharing Strategy? - Marketing

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Are you posting content to social media but not getting any response from your audience? Here are 5 potential reasons why your content is not being shared...and what to do about it. 1. Lack of Visuals - Social media......

The One Strategy You Need to Know for Customer Retention - Marketing

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If you're a business owner, then of course you want to do everything you can to not only gain new customers, but to keep your existing customers loyal to you. Unfortunately, customer retention isn't always easy; customers may leave......

How To Create Buyer Confidence - Operations

Do you want to deal with sales objections earlier in the process, for higher conversion rates and profitability? Questions are powerful tools to learn what your buyer really wants and what it will take to move ahead with the sale. Stop pushing your product and learn to be a problem solver. ...

Selling a Business - 5 Tips for Franchise Owners - Operations

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Here are 5 tips for selling a business, a handy business valuation tool. The impetus to sell your franchise business can come from any number of directions and at any time. The market could change, someone could pass away,......

Too Good to Eat - News

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Have a food-photo obsession? Bloggers like these could be to blame. You're not going to eat that Summer Melon Salad or Rainbow Flatbread Pizza, are you? Yummy, prepared to perfection with fresh in-season ingredients, but there's one problem... these......

What are You Doing to Entertain Your Business Audience? - Marketing

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Social media at its best is an experience that is highly interactive and lots of fun. The question for businesses is: how do we create that experience for our audiences? Sometimes great content isn't enough. Sometimes the answer is......

David Weil Isn't Winning, Franchisors Are Losing - Franchise Law, Disputes and Compliance.

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The franchise industry is on the verge of losing a battle regarding employer liability, as old arguments fail to address new opponents. Whatever your position on the Obama view of franchising, the reality is that Executive Branch officers are......

The problem is Your Territory Mapping System - Operations

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Any manager or employee involved in outside sales knows the incredible joy of getting their territory right. It is simply tremendous to walk in the door of a prospective customer and know that your referrals are good, there are 30......

Who else wants to turn a $150,000 investment into a $2-million sale? - Operations

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Now before you answer . . . · It didn't happen over night. · It didn't happen without a lot of work and effort. · And it didn't happen by accident. Their plan was to sell the business In......

Why Your Stories are not Selling Your Services or Products - Marketing

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Storytelling, storytelling, and more storytelling. Seems like every marketing book, blog (including mine if you've been reading this week's posts) and study is talking about how we should be using storytelling as a marketing technique. I couldn't agree more.......

Never Ask a Telephone Caller "How can I help You?" - Operations

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Recently a Telephone Doctor client said to me, "Nancy, congratulations. Some people take a simple idea and complicate it; you have taken a simple idea and kept it simple." We don't believe you should scratch your head and wonder......

How To Expand Your Franchise Brand To Quebec - News

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As a franchise consultant and attorney practicing in the province of Quebec, I was delighted to have been asked to write this article. Having been both a full time legal practitioner in the industry and then franchisor, I believe......

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