Personality Assessment for Franchisees - A Panel Discussion - Operations

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Ulf Muller Interim Management & Consulting in FM | Create Self-Employment Opportunities Asks: Which are the most effective personality assessment tools for Franchisees? Any suggestions? 1w Joe Caruso You may want to start with this article - "Uncovering The......

Can You Make a Good Living and Still Feel Like You are Giving Back? Ask This LED Source Franchisee - Marketing

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For 22 years Matthew Byrne worked in the building automation controls industry, where he last managed a $20 million branch contracting business. There he worked with energy efficiency products, gaining a keen insight into an industry that has a......

20 Year Army Veteran Finds Calling with Pillar to Post Home Inspectors - News

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Vince Stoakley Finds Success with Pillar To Post Franchise (Houston)---For two decades, Vince Stoakley was a globetrotter, traveling the world as a member of the U.S. Army. After retiring from the Army in 2012, Stoakley needed to find a......

How to Make a Legal Franchise Sale: Step 3 of 11 - Franchise Law, Disputes and Compliance.

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Before furnishing an FDD to a prospect, you must confirm that the prospect has been given, or must give the prospect, notice of the FDD formats available, and the prerequisites and conditions for obtaining those formats. The law does......

Dress For Success - Next CAFA Meeting, Tuesday November 17th - Capital Area Franchise Association

The Women's Franchise Network of Washington DC and CAFA are collecting donations for Dress For Success. Please bring your monetary donations or clothing donations to the November 17 CAFA meeting.What would you wear to a job interview? That is......

Franchisee and Franchisor On-boarding and Training Expert Panel Discussion - Capital Area Franchise Association

We are very pleased to have four great panelists addressing this important practical problem for franchisors and franchisees alike. We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday, November 17th. Rosemarie Hartnett, CFE, President of Abrakadoodle Inc, a Franchisor of......

Under New Leadership, Franchise Expert are Blowing Away Competitors with Cherry Blow Dry Bar - News

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Former MAACO Executive, Spa Developer Growing Brand (CHERRY HILL, N.J.)---A new concept in hair care has made its way to the U.S., growing what has become a $40 billion a year global hair salon industry. Cherry Blow Dry Bar is......

What is New in Customer Service? Who Should You Really Listen to? - Operations

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"Listening is related to influence, such that those who are better listeners are more influential," says a 2012 Columbia Business School research study, LISTENING AND ORGANIZATIONAL INFLUENCE, CLICK HERE. The study goes on to suggest that, "How well organizational......

Why Most Americans Almost Always Lose to Chinese Business Negotiators - Franchise Law, Disputes and Compliance.

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Chinese negotiators talk dumb but get rich. Americans in China talk smart, but... Americans believe that the richest guy in the room is usually the smartest - largely because CEOs view power as a product of intelligence. In China,......

How Much Can I Make Owning an AdvantaClean Franchise? - News

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There are many key steps in the franchising process but none are more important than evaluating a franchises' Item 19, or Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). The Item 19 outlines earnings, expenses and other relevant factors that will affect the......

5 Gifts to Your Employees - Operations

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American traditions abound next month and Thanksgiving: traveling to visit family, overflowing dinner tables, football games on television, Black Friday sales and, for many workers, a long weekend. But there can also be cultural pressures to meet an elusive holiday......

When Selling Your Franchise, It Pays to Plan Ahead - Marketing

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When you buy a franchise you are not necessarily thinking of an exit strategy or how you're going to sell the business in 10 or 15 years. But in the case of Sonja and Rich Heaton, it was exactly......

LinkedIn's New Group Rules: How Do the Changes Affect You? - Marketing

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LinkedIn will be changing the structure of groups in the next coming weeks. (For the entire list of changes, please download the pdf: "New Group Features") This article will help you understand some of the changes that we will......

When Are Your Franchisees Disguised Employees? - Franchise Law, Disputes and Compliance.

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If you follow my blog, you know that one of the issues I've been writing about for a couple of years now is the problem that certain franchisors have faced in being deemed "employers" of their franchisees. The most......

Selling The American Franchise Brand to Foreigners - News

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Whenever there is turmoil in the world, the most capable people look for someplace else to go where they and their families and their assets can be protected and nurtured. Historically, the United States is always high on everyone's......

How to Find Time for Social & Be More Productive - Marketing

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Remember the last time you sat for an hour, drinking a hot latte, in one of the few coveted armchairs at the local cafe, scanning your friends' updates on Facebook, liking pictures on Instagram, and debating with Twitter regulars......

How Did this Clever Franchisee Beat the Franchisor's Non-Compete? - Franchise Law, Disputes and Compliance.

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The answer is 'yes' in at least one case. The case is Allegra Network, LLC v. In re Michael G. Ruth. Michael G. Ruth and Elnoria J. Ruth, collectively the "Ruths" entered into a franchise agreement initially in 1984.......

3 Quick Tips about How Franchisors Can Get More from their Technology Partners - Operations

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As technology quickly advances, there's sure to be at least one critical new platform that you'll be introducing to your organization. You will move into that new technology with either a technology vendor, or a partner. The selection of......

How to Get Your Franchise Candidate to Truthfully Reveal their Net Worth - Operations

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How to Qualify the Capital Intensive Candidate Back in the 1990's, when "inbound marketing" was once again in fashion, I was working development for a large QSR brand. Our prospective franchisees or candidates -we never referred to them as......

Are You Next the KFC? - News

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KFC pioneered conversion franchising. Pete Harman was the first KFC franchisee. He converted his independent restaurant to a KFC. But, think before you convert your existing business to a franchise. If you have an existing business, you may discover opportunities......


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