Do You Know the One Key to Successful Sales? - Operations

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Here is what my friend, John Lindsey, Sales Trainer says about sales success. I have witnessed, over the past thirty years, that the determination to persevere is often the difference between failure and success. I have also discovered that 46%......

Why You Cannot Get Your Franchise Leads on the Phone & What to Do About It - Operations

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The Franchise sales process has changed since I began over 20 years ago. Back when I started out, people interested in franchises used the telephone to inquire and request information. Because they saw our ads in the Wall Street Journal......

Arby's Announces 38 in Colorado - Restaurant Funding Group

In addition, Arby's largest franchisee, United States Beef Corporation, has signed a development agreement to open 38 new Arby's restaurants in the Colorado market over the next seven years. U.S. Beef Corporation, a franchisee with the Arby's system since 1969,......

New FBR Report Provides Insight into Franchisees Who Buy Multiple Locations - Operations

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A fascinating new study released by the Franchise Business Review (FBR), a national franchise market research firm that performs independent surveys of franchisee satisfaction and franchise buyer experiences, provides insight into the practice of buying multiple franchise locations. Increasingly franchise......

Can Facebook Reduce its Spam Content? - Marketing

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Social media giant Facebook is constantly updating its algorithm to keep users happy. The latest change is a crackdown on "like-baiting." Even if you don't recognize the term, you've seen this technique used by a lot of marketers: brands......

Amazon Has Turned You the Customer Into an Unpaid Salesperson - Marketing

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Most companies know that product reviews can make or break a sale, and that customers have come to rely on word of mouth reviews, feedback, and opinions when making purchasing decisions. Amazon has taken this a step further and......

What are Franchisors Doing with Social Media? - Marketing

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Wired Flare recently conducted a study of franchises in the greater Toronto area to help us get a better grasp on the existing needs in the franchise industry for social media support. The findings were rather surprising. We analyzed......

Why Darden is Worth More than its Real Estate - Operations

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Summary - 3 Points Think beyond Darden's real estate to determine if long term value is present. Both the activists and Darden provided incomplete analysis. Restaurant level EBITDA is a poor metric; free cash flow metric is better. Watching......

How Do You Treat Your Non-Operating Partners? - Operations

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Everyone knows that it really pays off to explore if a franchise candidate is suited to your business. The question is: "Does it pay to spend as much time investigating the partners of a franchise candidate?" Married partners..... so-called......

Blaze Fast Fire'd Pizza Adds Boston, Dallas & Phoenix - Restaurant Funding Group

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 17, 2014) - Blaze Fast Fire'd Pizza, the leader of the rapidly expanding build-your-own pizza category, today announced that it has signed three new area development agreements to open Blaze Pizza franchise restaurants in Boston,......

3 Most Fascinating Stories in Franchising - News

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Facebook, Personality Testing, and Biz Ops Why are Brands paying more to reach their fans on Facebook? Worth the cost for franchise brands? Stop using personality tests to select your high performing franchise owners. Do it right. Get a Candidate......

Sonic Aims to Open 1,000 Locations Over Next 10 Years - Restaurant Funding Group

With more than 60 years in the quick-service game and a robust presence in the South and Central Plains, Sonic Drive-In is making progress in its commitment to expanding across the U.S., primarily through coast-to-coast franchise development.......

Why Your Autoresponder is Killing Your Chance at Making that Franchise Sale - Operations

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Getting the franchise sale may seem like a race to be the First to Respond and First to Engage. It isn't. Franchise sellers need to get to web leads who are intrigued with their franchise as fast as possible, right?......

Why Do We Like to Tell Stories? - Marketing

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There is a lot of nonsense written by smart people about story-telling. Most of the talk is just a story - not worth listening to. But, Roger Schank is very different. He is worth listening to. Roger Schank explains the......

Location, Location, Location: What are your territorial rights when buying a franchise? - Austin Franchise Association

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Everybody knows that when starting a business, whether it be a lemonade stand or a large retail chain, the key to success is "location, location, location." Location does not however mean just your physical storefront, but can also mean your......

Stop Writing Demand Letters & Start Managing Disagreements - Legal

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The temptation is to think of this title as some word game without substance. If you give yourself a chance here you may see something very worthwhile and you may even want to put your company on this regimen rather......

Is Your Franchisor Spending the Social Media Ad Fund Wisely? - Marketing

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Social media communication can actually be a great indicator as to how a franchise system supports its franchisees. Once you've narrowed down your potential franchise choices, take some time to look at their social media and consider the following things.......

What would You Say to a Client who Wants to Buy a Business Opportunity instead of a Franchise? - Legal

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What is the difference between a franchise and a business opportunity? This is a question that is on the mind of pretty much every person who attends a franchise or business opportunity trade show looking for his or her new......

Why You Don't Use Personality Tests When Selecting Franchisees - Operations

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Let's try an experiment. Pick your 10 best franchisees. Describe their personalities. Are they all the same? Or are they all different? If you're like most franchisors, you'll say that they are all different. Now, look at your corporate culture.......

How Many of Your Fans on FaceBook do You Really Reach? - Marketing

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6 months ago I met with the Head of Digital at a major movie studio. He was recounting a meeting with Sheryl Sandberg at Facebook in which he explained that they didn't need Facebook advertising. They had already built such......

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Recent Comments

Is there a reason to stop asking?

I know it's uncomfortable to hear no, no, no, no, no, no and then the yes.

If you've done your job. You qualified the candidate. Then you need to ask for the sale.

Note that it is Facebook which is calling this "spam".

Because it competes with their ads.

Much the same reason Google is against paid links - competes with Adsense.

I can relate. I know SMM is very important but how to get done correctly and without spending a fortune or all day doing it has escaped me. Thanks for the article.

Some franchisors are going to figure out a SMM solution and beat their competition.

  • user-pic The God of Thunder | Reply
  • Great article and great points on EBITA and the perceived value.

    What Darden has is a store life cycle problem.

    There seems to be very little communication between the departments that handle the actual locations from site selection, demographics and analytics, Legal, Lease Negotiation, New Store Construction, Lease administration and now with FASB/IASB changes becoming firm in 2015, lease accounting, CAPEX budget tracking, and CAPEX projects, and vendor management.

    The Site Selection/deal making guys have no central system. If they found a great new location, they would be beat by the more technologically advanced Brinker or Ignite for the site.

    No collaboration with Legal keeps lease administration from effectively enforcing things negotiated in the deal (leaky roof, or equipment warranties) and whose responsibility to maintain, repair or replace these item.

    All real estate information tracked in Oracle property management, perhaps the worst possible choice for tenant based real estate management for lease accounting (So bad it was thrown out by YUM and GAP and they are both Oracle Shops.)

    No defined workflow, longer to build out stores than their competitors like Ruby Tuesdays and Brinker, Ignite, and much longer than fast causual like YUM! or Jack in the box.

    In short, they only thing that have any visibility is how to sale/lease back their real estate, which is only a band-aid of cash until they are cash poor again in 3-5 years. Will they use some of the cash to automate and gain visibility into the second largest expenditure behind payroll? Doubtful.

    The company is bleeding, doesn't recognize it is even sick and blames Red Lobster for their current stock woes.

    The Red Lobster spinoff is a smoke screen. Until this company knows what it has, what is wants to do with it, and what the game plan for growth is, they will continue to be as mediocre as a company as their Lobster-fest promotions are as an ad campaign.