The Government May Be Afraid, but You Do Not Have to Be ... - News

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What is the grey tsunami? The term "grey tsunami" is used to describe the tidal wave of baby boomers approaching their senior years and the approaching challenge of caring for our loved ones as they age. Is the challenge......

Franchise Profitability - Capital Area Franchise Association

Ever wonder how a beloved & local 650+ unit franchise system almost disappears, but then makes a comeback? How do they deal with the supply chain issues? Come and find out more about this fascinating & developing franchise story:......


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I personally could not be more excited. And I don't want to brag but I nudged Ms. Moss or ( to do this the day some very misguided International Franchise Association board members allowed an even more misguided then......

2016 Franchise Sales Summit - CAFA - News

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Every spring, CAFA has a Lunch and Learn for the most important developments in franchise sales. This year, we have stellar group of experienced sales professionals to lead our panel discussion. 1. What's New in franchise Sales? How has......


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There is a new game in FranchiseTown; the recently created The Franchise Consulting Group. It's founder, Nick Neonakis, is the author of The Franchise MBA™ - Mastering the Four Essential Steps to Owning a Franchise), Amazon's highest rated book......

The Franchise Sales Summit - CAFA 2016 - Tuesday May 24th - Capital Area Franchise Association

Every spring, CAFA has a Lunch and Learn for the most important developments in franchise sales. This year, we have stellar group of experienced sales professionals to lead our panel discussion. 1. What's New in Franchise Sales? How has......

What Has Happened in Franchise Development and Sales? - Operations

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So much has changed in franchise sales. What are you doing differently? What has changed over the past 5 years in the way franchisees find, research and decide to invest in a franchise opportunity? Franchise Lead Generation: A Strategy......

What Can Your Franchise Learn from the Chipotle Food-Scare? - Capital Area Franchise Association

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Chipotle's ambitious "Food With Integrity" marketing campaign that boasts of "Responsibly Raised™" meats and "vegetables grown in healthy soil" has run into the bleak reality of ensuring the safety of the food supply chain. "Sourcing ingredients from many different......


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(Wellington, Florida) LED lighting will soon no longer be just an efficient choice. It will be a mandate. GE recently announced that they will discontinue the production of fluorescent light bulbs at the end of 2016. Can it be any......

Why Foodies Secretly Love McDonald's - News

As chosen by our readers in LinkedIn, here are the top stories for the week that was. (Rankings are the result of impressions and click throughs from readers in LinkedIn to the articles.) Up to Speed on E-mail Marketing......

A Q&A With LED Source Founder and CEO About Streamlining Time Eating Tasks - Marketing

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Wellington, Florida based LED Source is considered one of the top innovators in franchising. (See Entrepreneur Magazine October 2015 issue) Not only is the company a franchisor itself, but many of its customers are also franchise chains looking for......

Is Your Franchise System's Supply Chain Bullet Proof? - Operations

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Chipotle depends on a more complex supply chain for its 1,900 outlets that includes scores of small, independent farmers. That can lead to ingredient shortages and questions about food safety. Chipotle is fresh -- and suddenly, that's a problem.......

Marketing to Your Franchisees is Just as Important as Marketing to Your Customers - Marketing

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Beyond excellent franchisee growth in 2015, Cincinnati-based Window Genie was also lauded by a number of business journals throughout the year. Inc. Magazine recognized Window Genie as one of the fastest-growing businesses in the Cincinnati metropolitan area, in addition......

Do You Recognize these 3 Lies about Franchise Sales? - Marketing

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Plenty of expert franchise people will disagree with this article. Between you and me - they will be spectacularly wrong too. If you take exception you can dispute my thoughts on this in the comment section and we'll talk......

Franchisor Standards - A Strategic Analysis Problem - Operations

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"Made in China" can kill. in 2007, it killed Zhang Shuhong. Zhang's company was Lee Der Industrial. "Lee Der had been an important vendor for Mattel. ... Everything began to unravel, however, after Mattel discovered lead on toys based......

Selling Franchises Illegally Personally Costly for Franchisor Founders - News

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How can a really sweet deal turn into a really bad nightmare? That is perhaps what two franchise founders are saying to each other about now. Michael and Kathy Butler (collectively the "Butlers") are seasoned public relations folks. Michael......

It's a Shame For You Not to Make Good Money with a Franchise - When You Can Do it So Easily - News

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More often than not, I get phone calls like this from prospective franchisees. (If you want you can skip directly to my free advice at the bottom.) Prospect: Mr. Solomon, I am looking at a franchise to buy and......

Have Lunch with Robert Cresanti, President & CEO of the IFA and Learn What Will Happen in 2016 for Franchising - News

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For the past five years I've had the privilege of being the President of the Capital Area Franchise Association (CAFA). For CAFA's January 2015 lunch & learn program schedule we were honored to hear from Robert Cresanti, then Executive......

The misery of being a franchisee. My recent discoveries. - Operations

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I'm not a franchisee, I'm a business mentor, that specializes in growing my clients companies by understanding the rational, emotional and subconscious needs of their ideal customers then creating the perfect products and services for these ideal customers.... So,......

The Lazy Man's Way To Selling Your Business - Operations

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The show Shark Tank, where entrepreneurs pitch investors for capital, has some great business lessons . . . 1) If you get what you ask for, take it. Mark Cuban offered one entrepreneur exactly what he requested. The entrepreneur......


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