Franchise-Info's Paid Social Marketing on LinkedIn

Stop Wasting Your Assets

You have to get your branding out there in the LinkedIn channel. You are already sharing and liking on LinkedIn. Now, you can do it with a business purpose.

And, for a fraction of the original cost, you can use your best social assets on the LinkedIn channel.

We have 2 programs or marketing campaigns. The first is for 24 placements, 8 placements a month, for 3 months.

Each placement costs $20, for a total of $480/3 months.

The second program is for 20 placements, all done in one month. Monday to Friday. Each placement costs $17.50 for a total of $350/1month.

You can unsubscribe or quit anytime.

Which of these programs is the best fit for your brand?



1. Constant branding 5 days a week.

2. Cheapest cost per placements.

3. More analytics.

4. Great for promoting attendance at upcoming tradeshow.


1. Needs daily attention, but not necessarily in real time.

2. Need to add this to your sales monthly reports and meetings.

3. Need to coordinate other team members.

Your franchise has to branding on the LinkedIn channel.

Franchise-Info reaches the most amount of people in LinkedIn who have an interest in franchising.

Look at all the other franchise companies trying to do it.

Reach all those people on LinkedIn who can see themselves working as your franchise operator.

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