84 Day LinkedIn Leads - Go Direct - Marketing Plan

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We know you have a marketing problem on LinkedIn. You know your audience is on LinkedIn, but you don't know the best way to reach them.

Should you be writing articles?

Or should you be distributing video? Amplifying your paid PR?

Just what should you do to find your audience?

Just what should you do to find your audience? Do you have $2500 in your marketing budget? Do you want to save $371?

We have a program that's perfect.

Franchise-Info presents the 84 Day Content Marketing & PR Plan on LinkedIn.

To promote your services to people you could do business with on LinkedIn.

Try it out - 84 days- $2,500.00 for 12 Weeks of Go Direct LinkedIn Marketing

What do you get?

1. Set up & Orientation

3 Calls, Landing Page Construction and Call to Action

Value = $750.00

2. 4 placements in the Franchise-Info's syndication & LinkedIn distribution. Placements in groups are searchable.

Value = 6 x $80 = $480.00

Exposure to over 30,000 LinkedIn members in groups.

Chance at being a recommended in weekly newsletter as a Top 3 article.

3. 12 placements in the Franchise Info company update. Placements stay on the Company update page for 30 days.

Value = 12 x $50.00 = $600.00

Exposure to over 17,500 of Franchise-Info's first connections.

4. 12 Weeks, 3 Months, of the Using Smart About Us Business Directory.

Value = 3 x $197.00 = $591.

5. Final review and recommendations.

Value = 3 hours X $150.00 = $450.00

Total Value = $750 + $480 + $600 + $591 + $450 = $2871

For your preparedness and being ready to go, you save $371.00

Your total = $2,500.00 for 12 Weeks of Go Direct LinkedIn Marketing

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